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Medical Engineering Technologies (MET) provides analysis and development services and design verification for medical device testing.

We provide plans and other information to device manufacturers, and have a reputation for high-quality scientific knowledge and services.

In 2014, we will provide support to our customers, device developers, to efficiently prove the quality of their products in 18 countries.

I did it. MET is an industry engineer and scientist with experience in device development and project management.

Founded by and familiar with device and regulatory requirements. From a regulatory perspective, design input, product performance, risk analysis and essential requirements in device development

The (ER) checklist is an important aspect. The information from these is reflected in the design verification plan. Bali Day

Operational planning generally includes biological safety testing, performance testing, risk mitigation and sterility verification. Science

A well-developed design verification plan based on and logic provides evidence to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the equipment.

The company's experienced laboratories can quickly think about timescales and costs. For example, wound dressings

It takes 10 weeks for CE approval and 6 months for FDA registration. Core performance testing requirements for wound dressings are EN major wounds

Defined in the 13726 test method for coatings, other performance tests are specific to the customer's dressing

It will be. "On the company's web site information library  in the

It contains information that will help engineers and scientists proceed with device development projects efficiently.