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    Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Analytical Chemistry

Chemical Analysis

Chemical analysis encompasses a very wide range of techniques and applications. The technical skills and equipment available within MET can be exploited by a wide range of industries and organisations.

Medical Devices

Medical devices are our key area of excellence. Material and chemical analysis of devices and packages forms just part of our integrated approach to medical device testing: safety, performance, stability and quality can all be verified under one roof.

Sports Supplement Testing

MET is providing independent analysis and certification of sports supplements. Contact MET to demonstrate that your gels, drinks and bars are clean. Our labs will verify that your products only contain the substances claimed in the specification and issue a certificate of analysis and 'legality', 'free of banned substances'.

Consumer Healthcare / Personal Care

Chemical analysis, using a variety of techniques, ensures your quality for a multitude of products from hair dye to foot cream. Counterfeit investigation and competitor product analysis from MET also support your marketing activities. Use MET's technical expertise to develop your products and markets.


Contamination analysis, process analysis, extractables and leachables, packaging materials, solubility, pharmacopeia and monograph testing are just some of the wide variety of services our scientists and engineers deliver. MET offers a rapid service and great project support. Read more here...


Analysis of food products and packaging at MET includes migration testing and food contact regulations testing to standards such as EN 1186 and EN13130 - Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs - Plastics - Guide to the selection of conditions and test methods for overall migration.


Testing of materials, both at goods inwards and during production, is common across industries. Chemical analysis can reduce costs incurred processing incorrect product and rejecting final production in QA. MET can also provide competitor material analyses and assistance with identifying materials (and their quantities).

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