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    Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

When it comes to medical device and pharmaceutical testing, quality is of the utmost importance. Don’t come to MET if you want cheap. Do come to MET if you want the correct tests done in the correct way on fully qualified equipment by trained personnel who deliver concise accurate reports and OOS investigations, with full data integrity from a world leading combination device testing laboratory.

Our primary quality systems are ISO 17025 and GMP. There is more than that. We want to understand your product and its associated risks. We want to make sure that it works and is safe for the patient. Yes, we are audited frequently by clients and regulators and you are worried about submissions, but the key is in the Hippocratic oath.

‘Do no harm’. Correct do no harm, but also do good. We are dedicated to demonstrating that this is what your product does. We pride ourselves on offering more than just compliance to standards, we want to work with you to ensure we fully understand your product and any associated risks to assist you in ensuring that your product works as you intended and allows its safe use by the patient or clinician in providing excellent patient care.

The reports and results you receive from MET will allow you to make the right decisions to ensure patient safety when your product is used, we are dedicated to demonstrating that this is what your product does by actively doing the best for the patient. Underpinning, our service to you is our excellent customer service.

Our FEI number is 3011572006

You can access our ISO 17025 accreditation here.

Use our contact page to request an audit or to have your supplier information questionnaire completed.

Our GMP programme is driven by this flow chart which is used to ensure that we are doing right.