Covid 19 Ventilator Testing – ISO 18562

Apr 6, 2020
By M.Turner

At MET we are helping battle Coronavirus with our chemistry team hard at work. Testing ventilation systems, we are busy performing particle and vapour release analyses.

There are four components to Biocompatibility Testing for Breathing Components: release of particulate, leachates in condensate, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). The three laboratory analyses are followed by a biological risk assessment.

While normally vapour release testing continues for up to 30 days and leachates studies extend to over a month, MET is meeting the current crisis by employing time reduced programmes over 24 hours. These studies continue to deliver extensive and reliable results, from which further information can be extrapolated to clinically consider toxicity over longer periods of time.

Various teams and consortia have risen to the challenge of rapidly developing a variety of devices that assist breathing to combat the world-wide excessive demand for artificial ventilation in intensive care facilities. Medical Engineering Technologies is helping meet that need by providing rapid response safety testing.


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