Corona Virus and Projects at Medical Engineering Technologies

Mar 16, 2020
By M.Turner

The Washington post has published an article which explains very, very clearly how isolation and social distancing influences the spread of the Corona Virus. (Acceptance of the free subscription is required).


It explains perfectly the merit of the UK’s ‘no shut down’ policy.

Here at MET we are not currently experiencing any project delays. Home working has been organized as far as possible. A rota system has been planned for testing which will be implemented in the case of necessary reduced manning or even partial shutdown. Only in the case of a total shutdown would there be major disruption to work. In this case accelerated ageing ovens may be suspended (with product moved to 5-8°C if required). Refrigeration would be maintained.

 We have put hygiene measures and quarantine systems in place to reduce any virus spread, and maintain vigilance of staff health.

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