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MET Introduces Brand New 35.5m3 Ageing Chambers within a new £235K Facility

Jan 3, 2024
By Angela Bell

Medical Engineering Technologies (MET) of Dover, Kent and a Cormica laboratory, is proud to announce major enhancements in our stability testing capabilities. As a globally recognized test laboratory specialising in medical devices and pharmaceutical products, MET is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and reliability.

We are excited to unveil two walk-in Real-Time Ageing Chambers, a significant investment that expands our capacity and elevates the quality and efficiency of our testing processes. This allows us to offer a complete range of stability conditioning, ensuring compliance with ISO 11607-1 and ASTM F1980:2021 guidelines. These chambers increase our capacity by 35.5m3 and are integral to our larger investment program, aiming to double our laboratory space by 2024/2025.

"Each test we conduct at MET is a step towards ensuring patient safety and product excellence," states Angela Bell, General Manager at MET. "Our new Real-Time Ageing Chambers represent our unwavering commitment to precision and quality in medical device testing."

Key Features of the new Real time Ageing Facilities:

  • Enhanced Capacity: Our new chambers significantly boost our ability to accommodate more samples, offering controlled ICH conditions to complement data from accelerated ageing programmes.
  • Advanced Monitoring Systems: Equipped with cutting-edge control systems, these chambers ensure precise and consistent conditions for reliable and accurate results.
  • Expanded Testing Services: Alongside accelerated ageing, we offer a wider range of services including stability testing, performance testing, transport simulation, and chemical analysis, all under one roof.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: With all stability and performance testing within the Cormica Group, we ensure continuity, cost-effectiveness, and the high standards our clients expect.
  • Dedicated Professional Team: Our skilled professionals are fully trained in the operation and maintenance of these chambers, guaranteeing precision and quality.

In response to the high demand for our stability test programs, Cormica Group has invested £235,000 in a dedicated building to house our stability testing options. This strategic move further cements Cormica's status as a premier provider of stability and performance testing solutions.

We believe these enhancements not only reflect Cormica’s ongoing commitment to world-class testing services but also mark a milestone in our efforts to exceed client expectations.

The Importance of Real-Time Ageing in Medical Device Testing

Real-time ageing is a critical component in the lifecycle management of medical devices, ensuring their performance, safety, and reliability under real-world conditions. This process is vital for accurately predicting the longevity and stability of products over time, providing essential data that supports regulatory compliance and market readiness.

By choosing Medical engineering Technologies for your real-time ageing needs, you are selecting a partner who understands the intricacies of this crucial testing phase. Our Real-Time Ageing Chambers, operated by a team of dedicated professionals, offer precise, controlled environments that mirror actual usage scenarios.

With MET's commitment to excellence and detailed attention to regulatory standards, clients can confidently navigate the complex landscape of medical device testing, ensuring their products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

For more information about how our new Real-Time Ageing Chambers can benefit your specific projects, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team via our website or email directly to sales@met.uk.com


Angela Bell - MET
General Manager 

Angela Bell


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