On Site / Remote ISO 18562 Testing

Aug 8, 2022
By M.Turner

All airway devices must now be validated against this standard for breathing component biocompatibility. A relative easy task for a face mask, more complicated for a long term ventilator, most awkward for large, fixed equipment which must be tested in situ.

MET has developed a programme for onsite testing of larger installations which cannot be shipped into our laboratory. The service includes particulate testing (ISO 18562-2) and VOC testing (ISO 18562-3). Transfer of fluids into the patient airway is not normally a factor with remote installed equipment making leachate testing (ISO 18562-4) unnecessary. However, this service can be applied by collecting fluid emitted by the device or installation.

 This programme is applicable to in hospital compressed air and oxygen systems and other central services related to airway care.

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