Oxygen Tubing - Physical and Functional Testing

Jan 6, 2022
By M.Turner

It is according to

EN 13544-2 Respiratory therapy equipment – Part 2: Tubing and connectors

that MET tests oxygen tubing used in any kind of therapeutic scenario. Suitable for any respirable gas, such as oxygen, air, or a mixture thereof, this tubing undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its safety not only in hospital settings, but also in ambulance and homes.

These tests, by necessity, must include the interface with nipples and screw threaded connectors to enable interchangeability of the respiratory therapy equipment without harming or discomforting the patient by interruption of supply. Screw threaded connectors would be at the outlet of flow meters, for instance, to which humidifiers, nebulizers, or similar devices would be attached.

Typical tests MET performs according to EN 13544-2 include:

•           Resistance to gas flow of tubing

•           Security of connection between end connector and tubing

•           Security of connection of end connectors and nipple

•           Resistance to kinking

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