MET Joins the ISO 18562 Committee, Biocompatibility Evaluation of Respiratory Gas Pathways in Healthcare Applications

Dec 6, 2021
By M.Turner

This standard is coming up to four years old now, and MET is one of the most experienced labs in its application.

Our chemistry have hands on experience with this work right from the first publication of the standard We have tested all sorts of ventilators, incubators, apnoea devices, breathing components, nebulisers, monitoring and diagnostic devices. The list is long. You can read about this experience in our published paper.


We have also seen quite a few errors in reports from other laboratories. These include: absent or incorrect calculation of time periods, failure to calculate flows and daily doses correctly; the absence of appropriate controls; lack of detection efficiency calibration or investigation LODs; the introduction of their own contaminants; looking only for contaminants listed in US environmental regulations and not detecting other materials; stopping testing too early, not having justifications for methods used.


MET’s processes have been developed to examine what is delivered to the patient. They give very robust data on the biocompatibility of a component in its actual use not just the laboratory set up. We do not subcontract any of this work. The extraction, capture and analysis are all carried out in the same lab. That means there is no time delay between capture and analysis, there is less opportunity for sample contamination, the technicians have spoken to you and understand the project, and we are able to comment on the results from a position of knowledge. You won’t get a list of results, you will get a complete project with analysis of the results.


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