New Equipment at MET for Injector Pen Testing

Sep 12, 2021
By M.Turner

How MET Saves You Time and Money Testing to Standards ISO 11608 & ISO 11040.

Always looking out for the best interests of our customers while working to highest standards MET recently installed new equipment for ISO 11608 & ISO 11040 standards testing pre-filled syringes, auto-injectors, and multi-dose injectors.

Its most important benefit is the reduced RLD sample load customers need to provide to test to these standards, as the machine allows us to test more with less. Customers can rest assured that the reduced amount of samples still yields the most accurate results, however.

Developed by Zwick / Roell, in conjunction with numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers, the system is able to test actuation and breakage forces and includes rotative testing. It thereby combines tensile and rotary testing, covering many aspects of the performance validation and batch release testing required by standards ISO 11608 and ISO 11040.

Therefore, the benefits lie in shortened cycle times and more efficient working, cutting the time and sample requirement for testing considerably.

Naturally, the system is 21CFR compliant and has been subjected to IQ and OQ testing by the supplier. Specific qualification for client products is available through GR and R studies.

Just like our team at MET, the Zwick Autoinjector Testing System is target-oriented and focused, providing you with the speediest and most accurate validation procedure.

Watch the machine in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5YQrRSKaRI

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