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Jan 30, 2019 |
MET News,  |

Results of IVD Point of Care Project Announced

The EC funded SAPHELY project has now concluded with the development of a low cost microRNA analysis device being significantly advanced. The European Commission has published brief results on the Cordis web site.

The consortium included three universities, five commercial organisations and a medical institute. The aim was to develop a very early stage cancer detection device by analysing blood bourn microRNA. MET was responsible for the regulatory and commercial aspects of the project.

Significant progress has been made in identifying the biomarkers and understanding their specificity to certain diseases. Micro chips and nano-photonic systems have been developed to identify when the biomarkers are captured by codon specific molecular beacons. A fully functional product was not achieved with one major hurdle yet to be overcome being the separation of the microRNA from the blood in a point of care environment.

Further information is available on the SAPHELY website, from MET or from the Project Leader; Dr. Jaime García-Rupérez, Associate Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Nanophotonics Technology Center.

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