MET will be participating in the virtual Extractables and Leachables, Europe conference.

Nov 17, 2020
By M.Turner

Our team will be online to privately discuss your projects and show you around our virtual stand . Make contact with us now or through the venue networking facility. E and L Europe , 1st and 2nd of December 2020.

Nobody wants to have to repeat their extractables and leachables work. At Medical Engineering Technologies we cannot guarantee what your results will be, but we can promise that they will be valid and readily accepted by the regulators. To ensure this the correct protocols, extraction and analytical methods, data analysis, and toxicological assessment will be employed in our complete service.  

At MET we employ a unique system of levels of intensity of testing according to the FDA’s hierarchy of risk. Our team understands the requirements for pharmaceutical containers, drug delivery products and combination devices, both in analytical chemistry and physical testing. Whether your need is for new submissions or batch verification you can be confident when you work with us. We will ensure that all clinically relevant substances will be identified, without the addition of materials that would not be available to a patient. Combine this with a very responsive laboratory and good availability and you will be on the road to success.

Conduct Your E and L studies with Complete Confidence

Biopharmaceutical production

· Batch release


· Single Use processing Systems (SUS)

· Filters

· Tubes

· Bags

· Valves

Combination device development

· On body delivery systems

· Prefilled injectors

· Transdermal patches

Medical Devices

· Chemical characterisation

· Biocompatibility studies

Pharmaceutical containers and packaging

· Capsules and tablets

· Topical and oral

· Vials and ampules

Contact our team to discuss your projects.


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