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Feb 13, 2019 |
MET News,  |

Expansion of Combination Device Test Facility

As part of MET’s laboratory expansion programme we are adding a dedicated physical performance testing area to implement dose accuracy studies and design validation of drug delivery devices. The new area will have 21 CFR part 11 compliant tensile equipment and balances for GMP studies. There will also be an isolation area for testing of syringes and cartridges containing cytotoxic drugs.

Design verification at MET covers many types of combination devices including pre-filled syringes, auto injectors, electrically and non electrically driven pumps, transdermal patches, drug eluting implants (temporary and permanent), sprays and lotions, everything. The physical testing capabilities are supported by analytical chemistry for toxicity and degradation studies and by EMC services for any electronic products and even human factors studies.

You can choose a single element from our services such stability testing or rely on our experienced engineers and technicians to design a full validation programme for your product. Please get in touch with us,you will find us helpful and responsive.

Our new space and equipment will increase capacity and capabilities in all aspects of our work. Please join us for the opening ceremony on the 5th of April.