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Jul 31, 2019 |
MET News,  |

MET's Annual Family Day

A visit to a castle and an observatory.

MET’s company outing this year was a visit to Herstmonceux castle and observatory. Herst is a Saxon word for wooded hill. In the 12th Century the land belonged to Idonea de Herst who married a Norman nobleman named Ingelram de  Monceux, hence the name of the castle. The current castle was built in the fifteenth century by Sir Roger Fiennes.

The Royal Greenwich Observatory was moved to Herstmonceux in 1675 to avoid air pollution in London. Its primary objective was to assist the Admiralty in sea navigation.

Most of the MET team along with families and friends attended and an enjoyable day out. One heirloom of note was the telescope used to provide the first evidence for gravitational lensing (and hence general relativity) during a solar eclipse in 1909 by Arthur Eddington. (Newton’s theory gravity did predict an effect of gravity on light).