Medical Engineering Technologies is featured in the Parliamentary Review

Oct 15, 2019
By M.Turner

The Parliamentary Review is an organisation which promotes ‘best practice’ largely in the business environment, but also in education and healthcare. The idea is to showcase successful and well run organisations through the written word and use this information to help other organisations excel at what they do. It is supported a large group of MPs and Peers.

The review is available in print (ask MET for your copy) or on line MET Parliamentary Review

MET’s article describes the evolution of our company and how we have endeavoured to always do the best for our clients and the best for our employees. Staff motivation and job satisfaction are crucial elements in the delivery of our services. We take pride in doing a good job and looking after our community.

As our services have grown and the complexity of our quality systems expanded we have maintained investment in equipment and people. This we intend to continue to benefit of clients and our own team.


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