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Feb 6, 2019 |
MET News,  |

Opening of New Laboratory Facilities at MET

Work on the expansion of our Chemical and Physical testing labs is now well advanced with an opening ceremony planned for the 5th of April.

In our new chemistry area we will be enhancing our line up with two new GC-MS instruments and an LC-TOF.

The Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy equipment will increase our capacity for ISO 18562 breathing component biocompatibility studies, odour absorption studies and material characterisation.

The Liquid Chromatography – Time of Flight instrument will further improve our detection sensitivity and accuracy of identification of non-volatile unknown compounds in extractable and leachable studies. These instruments compliment our current extensive range of analytical capabilities.

Clients and suppliers are invited to join us for opening ceremony at our premises. We will be including a facility tour and helpful advice on your design validation projects.