MET medical and combination device test house launches European operations in France

Nov 1, 2019
By M.Turner

Medical Engineering Technologies SAS, is headquartered in France and will be providing services from a base in Calais.

The new laboratories are specifically designed to provide batch release testing for pharmaceutical delivery devices. Studies will include CCIT, drug stability, injection system performance (auto injector, gravity, pen, pressure, pump, syringe), leachables, and transdermal testing.

The investment in these new facilities is being made to meet growing demand and to allow product release testing in accordance with Directive 2001/83/EC. Our full range of design validation services will continue to be available from our UK laboratory. Here we are happy to serve clients from around the world. A recent series of projects have benefited from our global reach allowing multinational companies and their partners to combine work in a central laboratory.

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