Medical And Combination Device Testing News

May 17, 2018 |
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Design Validation Programmes – Combination Devices and Medical Devices

Combination Devices and Medical Devices

Design validation testing is the process of challenging a product to verify if it will perform as required prior to being unleashed into operation. Tests areas required include performance, safety and ease of use.  Examples of assessments are dose accuracy and bioavailability for drug delivery devices, biocompatibility, fatigue testing for medical implants, and usability studies

As part of our exemplary testing services programme, MET has produced a series of design validation plans for medical devices and combination devices.
Please contact MET to request a copy of your desired DVT programme.

Options currently available:

Arterial Grafts


Bone cement mixer

Breast implants

Breathing circuits

Cerebral catheters

Epidural pens

Humidifiers (HME)

Incubators (transport)

Infusion devices

Insulin pens

Needleless injectors

Pharmaceutical containers

Pre-filled syringes

Transdermal patches

Urethral catheters

Vaginal rings (sustained release)

Wound dressings